Travelling – wherever life leads me

Truth be told, it is my grandparents' fault I turned into such a passionate traveller. When I was little, they took me with them to all kind of destinations: Greece, Bali, Tunisia, Egypt, Dominican Republic, Mauritius … you get the picture.

Growing older, I started to create my own bucket list of travel destinations. Right on top of that list: Australia. Visiting this country at the other end of the world was a dream that came true when I was 22 years old. I got the opportunity to work as an intern in Sydney, Australia and did not hesitate to take it. It was an amazing experience with a lot of impressions that will stay with me forever. The country and its people are dear to me up to the present day.

Besides Australia, I spent a longer period of time in Sweden, studying Business Administration there. To live in Sweden was a huge contrast to Australia, not only weather-wise. The cultures are very different, contrary even. But both countries welcomed me with open arms, and I am very grateful for that. Whenever I return, it feels a bit like coming home.

The problem with the travel bug is that once it gets you, you really have a problem. Traveling once a year turned out to not be enough. So, the list of destinations I visited grows strong: Canada, Hongkong, Iceland, Russia …

Part of my interest in culture is my interest in languages. Besides German and English, I learned some basics in Swedish and Italian. My latest project: Spanish.